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Language Change and the Historical Grammar of the Germanic Languages

This block seminar focuses on the nature/mechanisms of language change. To this end, the relation between sound change and analogy will be investigated, exemplified by selected case studies from the Germanic languages. It is intended for students of historical and general linguistics, Germanic, Scandinavian, as well as Romance linguistics. Basic knowledge of linguistics and historical linguistics is convenient but not necessary.

Dr. Michael Frotscher
University of Cologne
Historical-Comparative Linguistics (Department of Linguistics)

      When?    7.6.-11.6. (14-18 pm)
      Where?     The Institute of Comparative Linguistics
                            Celetná 20, room 235

In the case of an unfavourable pandemic situation, the seminar will take place
via an online platform specified later.

If you would like to take part in the seminar, please contact:
Martin Gális (


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