Filozofická Fakulta


The Institute of Comparative Linguistics has long been among the most productive divisions of the Faculty of Arts of Charles University. Its members have published monographs individually and in collaboration with colleagues as part of research projects. The ICL also publishes its own annual journal Chatreššar, which since 2007 has been peer-reviewed, with articles in English.


Newer publications of the ICL may be found in the Karolinum bookstore (ul. Celetná 18, right next door to the Institute; website here), on the website of the publishing house of the Faculty of Arts (Vydavatelství Filozofické fakulty UK), as well as from the online bookseller Kosmas and many other Czech and international booksellers. Most older publications are also still available from us; in case of interest, please contact us directly. Selected publications of ICL may also be accessed in digital format.




  • Petr Zemánek, Petr Vavroušek, Pavel Čech, Marek Rychtařík, Jan Bičovský, Jazyky starého Orientu (FF UK, Praha, 276 str.)
  • Ľubomír Novák, Jaghnóbsko-český slovník (FF UK, Praha, 266 str.)






before 2005

  • Petr Zemánek, The Origins of Pharyngalization in Semitic, 1996 (Enigma, Praha, 88 str.)
  • Petr Zemánek, Ugaritischer Wortformenindex, 1995 (Petr Buske Verlag, Hamburg, 294 str.)
  • Iranian and Indo-European Studies. Memorial Volume of Otakar Klíma, ed. Petr Vavroušek, 1994 (Enigma, Praha, 264 str.)
  • Hans Christian Luschützky, Uvedení do typologie jazyků, 2003 (FF UK, Praha, 79 str.)


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