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Location and hours

The library of the Institute of Comparative Linguistics is located in the building of the Philosophical Faculty of Charles University at ulice Celetná 20, room 235. Books may be borrowed only on site, or for photocopying (copy machines may be found in the building opposite the library). There is also the environmentally friendlier option of making scans with the institute's scanner (in reasonable quantities, and with permission of the staff).

Borrowing hours are: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 9-13, Thursday 14-17.

Library holdings

The library comprises approximately 12,000 volumes, and contains scientific literature (monographs, collected volumes, journals, and offprints) in the fields of cuneiform studies; literature, culture, and history of the Ancient Near East; Semitic and Indo-European linguistics, and literature on individual languages belonging to those families; and theoretical literature on diachronic and synchronic linguistics. It is one of the largest research collections of its kind in eastern Europe, and is continuously updated with the latest international scholarship.


Mgr. Pavel Čech, PhD. (pavel.cech [at]

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